My Dears,

My name is Sebastian. I am a photographer by profession and passion. I love to smile and love smiling people.

As a few years old child I had longer, curly, blond hair. I ate raspberries broken from a bush in the countryside. Today it is the history. Blond hair, a three-wheeler and a raspberry bush, it’s all gone. However, extremely valuable photos made by my parents have survived. Thanks to them I can remember about past moments. They inspired me to look at the world through the camera’s viewfinder. From that time on, the camera became my inseparable friend and faithful companion. We started our joint adventure over 10 years ago. We’ve been polishing our cooperation at the British photography school and international workshops that we regularly visit. Together, we have created millions of smiles and tears of emotion on the faces of thousands of people. If you would like to join this group, invite us to your world …

Have a grat day !